One-time Pest Control

One-time Pest Control is available and targets: spiders, ants, crickets, American roaches, earwigs, silverfish, centipedes, pillbugs, and scorpions.  However, control of your pest problem is not guaranteed when choosing this service.  Free retreats are not available with this service. Prices range from $49 - $99 depending on home/yard size and infestation.

Termite Treatments
Prices for Termidor termite treatments range on average from $350 - $950 and are based on linear feet to be treated and location of termite evidence.

Bee Extermination
The base price to destroy a bee colony/swarm is $150 and covers most bee jobs. The price can increase due to size and location of hive.

German Roach Control
A minimum of 3 services are required at 2 week intervals to control German roaches.  The price for each service can range from $40 - $99 depending on the infestation.

Scorpion Attic Dusting
A one-time Scorpion Attic Dusting can help eliminate and stop re-entry of scorpions in your attic.  Homes that have been vacant or homes with long-time infestations can harbor scorpions in the attic where normal pest service will not reach. The scorpions reproduce and find their way into A/C ducts and drop through vents on beds and into your living space. Price to treat most attics for scorpions is $125.

Other Services
If you have a pest problem that is not mentioned here such as ticks, fleas, or some other pest just give us a call and we will help you with a solution.


Regular General Pest Control

General Pest Control featuring our exclusive 4D Barrier Pest Defense System includes control of: spiders, ants, crickets, American roaches, earwigs, silverfish, centipedes, pillbugs, and scorpions*. When necessary, free retreats between regular services are included. Inside service is performed only on the initial treatment and semi-annually or as requested/needed.

* If you have a scorpion problem then you must select Monthly Pest Control and you may require addition services such as attic dusting or nighttime blacklight service to get the initial infestation under control.

The following pricing is based on your homes square feet and assumes an average size yard. Prices may vary for homes with yards that are larger than average. Initial service fee is waived for fundraiser participants.


Surprise Attack Basketball Club

Nothing could be better than supporting Surprise Attack Basketball Club and not having to spend any extra money to do it!   When you choose to use First Inspection Termite & Pest as your pest expert you not only get incredible pest service, but you also get the added benefit of knowing that a portion of your fees are donated every month to Surprise Attack.

Team Up To Raise Money

When you choose First Inspection you are teaming up with a great local pest control company that is willing to give back to the community and support our youth.  When you request service just make sure you mention Surprise Attack and any service we do for you will benefit the team.  The team can receive increased benefits when you signup for regular pest control service, or have a full termite treatment performed.

Contact us today to get rid of your pests while supporting your favorite team!

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